About Fleur by Ellie

fleur by ellie wynnum floristHi my name is Ellie. I was raised in a very artistic family. My father was an incredible portraiture artist and my sister was a classically trained pianist. I always loved creating and crafting, our home was always heavily decorated with plants and greener, and thanks to this, my passion for plants and flowers started using the early years of my life.

I followed the love of my heart and I moved to Australia in 2010. I lived in Canberra for a number of years before moving to Brisbane in 2012 - that's when I found my happy place, and my home to be for the rest of my life in Bayside Brisbane.


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Fleur by Ellie has been my life dream, which has come true with the support of our local Bayside residents! With their support, I have been able to plan and achieve this wonderful dream!

Our floristry style is remarkably unique from your typical floral artistry, as I have trained through Korean & Russian schools and integrated these beautiful cultures into my personal style!

We are constantly taking courses to make sure we learn and grow though the latest trends of the industry.